Being a Bull: Our Philosophy

The Word.

Competitiveness arises naturally. Bulls accept this and endeavour to use it to positive advantage.

Social integration and cohesion are considered more important. True Blue Bulls never forget the Club’s origins and accordingly accept and encourage the participation of young and old, experienced and inexperienced.

Every effort is made to ensure that all players get equal ball time, irrespective of ability, during minor rounds. Fees are kept to a minimum and therefore members of the herd are expected to participate in minor fund raising activities.

Becoming a Bull

So you want to run with the "Bulls".

Being a Bull is more than just playing baseball. The Bulls are a supportive (a Bull puts in - he/she doesn't wait to be asked) and social (a Bull enjoys every part of the Bulls club/days) group. The Bulls value the supportive and social aspects more highly than ability on the diamond.

If you would like to "run with the bulls" just come out on a game day, meet the herd and get involved.