Become A Baseball Umpire

Have you umpired as a club or teeball umpire and enjoyed it?

Then become an accredited Australian Umpire, you do not have to stop playing or coaching in your club.

Opportunities exits for everyone to become an umpire.

10 reasons why you should become a baseball umpire.

  1. The challenge and enjoyment of controlling an exciting baseball game.
  2. The opportunities to umpire at club, state, national and even the international level.
  3. The camaraderie within the umpiring fraternity.
  4. The chance to supplement your income whilst pursuing a hobby.
  5. Baseball SA's introduction of the "Green Shirt" program that identifies and protects less experienced umpires.
  6. Umpires payments are automatically linked to the CPI increases.
  7. Strong support from the Board of Baseball SA.
  8. A "mandatory sentencing" model that supports umpire's decisions, and reduces tribunal attendance requirements.
  9. The chance to work towards elite level umpiring opportunities that you may not have reached as a player. Several Australians have umpired at The Olympic Games, major international events and in the MLB.
  10. To play a key role in the future of the great sport of baseball.

For further information contact

State Director of Umpiring   Neil Poulton   0416 623 518
Baseball Umpires Association of SA Secretary   Kym SMITH   0402 051 811
Baseball Umpires Association of SA Chairman   Blake Halligan   0412 144 973